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Enjoy clear vision without daytime glasses and contacts

Ortho Eyes is Pittsburgh’s first and only eyecare center dedicated completely to myopia management.

Myopia is the medical term for nearsightedness, or those who have trouble seeing far away without glasses or contacts. The worldwide prevalence of myopia is increasing at epidemic proportions. As rates of myopia increase, so do risk factors for other eye diseases such as cataracts, glaucoma and retinal disease.

  • Why does myopia need managed differently than traditional glasses and contacts? Myopia is not just a vision problem, high eyeglass prescriptions are associated with long term vision and health problems. Traditional glasses and contacts simply address the symptom of blurry vision, but they do nothing to treat vision that is worsening year after year.
  • We do not sell glasses, instead we focus on giving you the freedom of clear natural vision throughout the day without the constraints of daytime glasses and contacts. Our customized eye retainers will gently reshape the surface of your eye while you sleep allowing you to wake up in the morning and see clearly.
  • Slow or stop myopia progression: Ortho Eyes attempts to prevent your vision from worsening through Orthokeratology (OrthoK for short). We will assess each patient with a myopia progression analysis taking into account digital screen time, genetics, age, and environment to customize your treatment.
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Who can benefit from our services?

Ideal Candidates 
  • Those seeking natural vision without daytime glasses and contacts
  • 6-25 years old; Adults too, see below
  • Athletes whose glasses and daytime contacts get in the way of vision or increase risk of injury or infection (i.e. swimmers, football players, tennis players, etc…)
  • Glasses ℞ lower than -6.00D (i.e. -5.00D, -4.00D, etc…)
  • Vision is progressively getting worse each time a vision screening is done

Anyone else?

  • Wide range of ages, but many factors involved, please call for more information
  • Glasses ℞ higher than -6.00D (i.e. -7.00D, -8.00D, etc…) can be fit, but stricter requirements on candidacy are present, please ask if you fall into this category
  • When glasses and traditional contacts get in the way of daily living
  • When you’re interested in LASIK, but you’re either not a candidate or have decided not to have it because of the permanency of the results or cost involved

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